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Modern Sofas

MELLO 2-Seater Sofa

د.إ 3,833 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

BUONO Large Ottoman

د.إ 10,175 incl. tax
د.إ 2,079 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

BUONO Small Ottoman

د.إ 935 incl. tax

Panels and Dividers

FAN Large Divider

د.إ 1,365

Panels and Dividers

FAN Medium Divider

د.إ 1,103

Panels and Dividers

FAN Small Divider

د.إ 840

Modern Sofas

MELLO 1-Seater Sofa

د.إ 2,520 incl. tax

Modern Sofas

MELLO 3-Seater Sofa

د.إ 5,355 incl. tax
د.إ 68,245 incl. tax
د.إ 47,245 incl. tax
د.إ 26,245 incl. tax
د.إ 6,300 incl. tax

Acoustic Solutions

The significance of Acoustic Solutions is no doubt extortionate. Loud sound is a considerable objection in every office. Noise pollution in a workplace has many factors, like chairs scraping, loud talking, phone call ringing or attending, printers, and other office equipment. This problem is common in large working spaces. And there is no proper solution to such a problem.

Furthermore, this causes lack of concentration and resulted in poor performance. Almost every office or company wants to get rid of this issue. Its impacts are very negative almost lack of productivity and major root of stress and depression. Officemaster products help businesses, companies to reduce this complication.

Buy Acoustic Solution in Dubai

Officemaster offers Acoustic Panels, Booths, and Pods. These products have the sound-absorbing capacity with their unique mechanisms. You can buy the best Acoustic Solutions in Dubai from Officemaster. Reduce your office noise and create a productive environment along with privacy. Office Furniture Dubai is the best place to find quality products at a cheap cost.