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Booths and Pods

CERCHIO Privacy Pod

د.إ 20,995 incl. tax
د.إ 68,245 incl. tax
د.إ 47,245 incl. tax
د.إ 26,245 incl. tax
د.إ 6,300 incl. tax

Booths and Pods

Booths and pods are foremost for modern offices. It’s kind of meeting area, small in size not large like an executive one. The paramount attributes of this product are better privacy, noise reduction, minimum stress level, focus, concentration, and enormous hold-up confidence. Booths are commonly used while listing private phone calls and one to one meetings. This organizing system will not make an impact on the internal environmental factors of Booth and vice versa.

Fundamentally these arrangements make for avoiding surroundings factors on communication and concentration.  Numerous kinds of Boots and Pods are available in the market. Officemaster has Modern Booth and Pods that satisfy customer demand. We have Quality Office Furniture at a low price. Officemaster supplies complete Acoustic Solutions in Dubai and it’s the finest spot for Office Furniture in Dubai.