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Office master provides different size booths and pods in Dubai for open office spaces; Booth is like a room in a room to provide a silent privet place for phone calls and meetings and to avoid noises, and distractions. It is a private area to concentrate on. office master has also a variety of Pods. It can be open and close but booths tend to close. office master has different models in both of them in which from large scale to small scale and also available in round shape.

د.إ 64,999.00 exc. tax
د.إ 44,999.00 exc. tax
د.إ 24,999.00 exc. tax
د.إ 20,000.00 exc. tax
د.إ 4,900.00 exc. tax
د.إ 6,450.00 exc. tax
د.إ 7,750.00 exc. tax