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Panels and Dividers

FAN Large Divider

From د.إ 1,365 incl. tax

Panels and Dividers

FAN Medium Divider

From د.إ 1,103 incl. tax

Panels and Dividers

FAN Small Divider

From د.إ 840 incl. tax

Panel and Dividers

Panels and Dividers are lightweight and easily moveable dimensional walls. Especially for rental space, it is advisable to use panels and dividers. It is very easy to assemble. It is the replacement of partition. The number of panels can be combined, you can adjust them accordingly and you can install it with very basic tools like screwdriver and hooks.

The major feature of these products is the color and contrast of its increase in the beauty of the interior. These can be used again and again. It is also used as wall art because of its stylish dimensions. Officemaster has different sizes and colors of Acoustic Panels and also available in different dimensions. Leading Office Furniture Store in Dubai.