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Multifunctional Chairs


د.إ 165.00 exc. tax

Multifunctional Chairs

EVO SN4 Leisure Chair

د.إ 270.00

Multifunctional Chairs

EVO SN6 Leisure Chair

د.إ 300.00

Multifunctional Chairs

HAY Leisure Chair

د.إ 650.00 exc. tax

Multifunctional Chairs

MAUI “Multifunctional Chair”

د.إ 145.00 exc. tax

Multifunctional Chairs

Multifunctional Chairs bring you on an unlimited comfort seat and add a stylish look to your place. You can use this chair as an Office chair in your informal places, like your reception area. And you can use them for your home design. Officemaster offers tremendous chairs range, Evo 1 Chair, Evo 5 Chair, and Evo 6 Chairs are some great examples. These chairs are very comfortable and economic. It’s suitable according to your budget.

Buy Multifunctional Chair in Dubai

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