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Wooden Storages

Full Height Wall Cabinet

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Steel Storages

Steel Locker (1-Door)

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Steel Storages

Steel Locker (2-Door)

د.إ 467 incl. tax

Steel Storages

Steel Locker (3-Door)

د.إ 520 incl. tax

Steel Storages

Steel Locker (4-Door)

د.إ 572 incl. tax

Steel Storages

Steel Mobile Pedestal

د.إ 450 incl. tax

Wooden Storages

Wood Mobile Pedestal

د.إ 350 incl. tax

Office Storage and Filling Solutions

Even with the evolution of electronic mails, files, and data, documents will never be eliminated from an office environment. With forms being printed and documents being piled up, nearly all office has to deal with a large volume of paperwork and files daily. This paperwork may be important information or significant business documents. For this reason, safeguarding the documents becomes the priority. The good thing is that they can be safeguarded with buying the appropriate Office Cabinets. Our collection of cabinets comes in different sizes and materials. Some of them are metal cabinets, wood cabinets, vertical storage cabinets, steel storage cabinets, and much more. Office master takes the cabinet to the next level by providing you not only the standard day to day use filing cabinets and drawers, but we can customize these units to the size and design you need.

Buy Office Filing Cabinets and Pedestals in Dubai

Office master supplies you with only the best-built units that will hold up effectively throughout the years. With expert installation, you can be confident about the units being securely placed in your office area. You can order online or visit us to choose or get advice; we can help you with space management as well. Are you made your mind buying a storage cabinet for your office? Then office master is the best option for you. Especially for Office Storage and Filing Solutions in Dubai we have a vast range of custom made wooden cabinets as well as steel cabinets for office files organization. The unique and indeed best quality Office Filing Cabinets and Pedestals in Dubai. Kindly visit our display center for furthermore diversity. We are looking forward to seeing you!