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Ergonomic Chairs & Desks

The importance of office furniture should never be overlooked. Choosing chairs, desks and accessories can play a crucial role in raising employee morale and boosting productivity in your workspace.

While ergonomic furniture is slowly becoming commonplace in innovative companies, takes this a step further. The revolutionary height adjustable desk promises to easily overhaul your workspace, while the customized workstations are efficient solution perfect for accommodating hot desks and collaborative work area.

Here at we make sure your office furniture is what you want in terms of color and size since we do customized furniture, ergonomic is our expertise we can make sure that office staff work comfortably at their time in office, our ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desks is the way to go.

DesignMaster interior design and fitout

Interior design &  Fit-out

Combining latest standards and based on your taste, we at create unique and stunningly designed interior for your office or home . we are master at space management, parquet flooring, carpet flooring, customizing office furniture, Office Blinds, branding and logo and redesigning and much more.


AED 320.00 AED 249.00 exc. tax
AED 845.00 exc. tax


AED 6,600.00 exc. tax
From: AED 4,800.00 From: AED 3,900.00
From: AED 4,000.00 From: AED 2,900.00
From: AED 2,400.00 From: AED 1,850.00


From: AED 2,800.00
From: AED 2,500.00 From: AED 1,600.00
From: AED 6,000.00
From: AED 1,150.00

Meeting Tablesmore

From: AED 1,490.00
From: AED 4,700.00
AED 3,000.00 exc. tax
From: AED 3,900.00

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