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Modern Sofas

MELLO 2-Seater Sofa

د.إ 3,833 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

BUONO Large Ottoman

د.إ 10,175 incl. tax
د.إ 2,079 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

BUONO Small Ottoman

د.إ 935 incl. tax
د.إ 1,239 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

CITY Large Ottoman

د.إ 1,470 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

CITY Medium Ottoman

د.إ 1,418 incl. tax

Pouf Ottoman

CITY Small Ottoman

د.إ 788 incl. tax

Modern Sofas

MELLO 1-Seater Sofa

د.إ 2,520 incl. tax

Modern Sofas

MELLO 3-Seater Sofa

د.إ 5,355 incl. tax
د.إ 3,350 incl. tax
د.إ 1,754 incl. tax
د.إ 1,838 incl. tax
د.إ 2,667 incl. tax
د.إ 2,636 incl. tax
د.إ 3,182 incl. tax
د.إ 3,119 incl. tax
د.إ 3,434 incl. tax

Counter Stools

SYS Counter Stool 01

د.إ 767 incl. tax

Counter Stools

SYS Counter Stool 02

د.إ 746 incl. tax

Soft Seating

While designing an office soft seating becomes an essential requirement. As well as it is center point furniture of a reception area and executive lounges. It plays a dominant role in creating a pleasant relaxing environment. This office furniture provides comfort for all of the individuals working in a workspace. The transformation of this seating is amazing. Bunch of designs we can find in the collection. The configuration of these seating is effortless.

Soft Seating also helps with noise reduction as compared to other office furniture like office desks and office chairs. These pieces of furniture just like a model among other office furniture.  Officemaster has perfect collection alongside various styles, colors, designs, and shapes. Which Includes  Bono seriesCity seriesKas modular system seriesMello seriesPuzzle Series ModularRoma seriesSanto series. Our company offers office furniture at a very reasonable price.

Officemaster also provides a huge range of Office Furniture in Dubai. You can purchase Online Modern Furniture with very ease. Kindly visit our display center and find more Quality Office Furniture.