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Multifunctional Tables

ARIA Designer Meeting Table

From د.إ 2,468 incl. tax
From د.إ 1,523 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

ARIA PRIME Designer Meeting Table

From د.إ 3,728 incl. tax
From د.إ 2,258 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

BELLA : Meeting Table (Square)

From د.إ 1,103 incl. tax
From د.إ 2,142 incl. tax
From د.إ 5,985 incl. tax

Boardroom Tables

DIAMOND : Meeting Table

From د.إ 950 incl. tax
From د.إ 1,950 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

DIAMOND : Meeting Table (Square)

From د.إ 850 incl. tax
From د.إ 788 incl. tax
From د.إ 1,885 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

EAMES DSW Round Table

د.إ 473 incl. tax
From د.إ 2,468 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

ELEGANTE : Meeting Table (Square)

From د.إ 2,573 incl. tax
From د.إ 5,933 incl. tax
From د.إ 3,675 incl. tax
From د.إ 6,615 incl. tax
From د.إ 5,565 incl. tax
From د.إ 6,300 incl. tax
From د.إ 3,675 incl. tax
From د.إ 6,290 incl. tax
From د.إ 8,925 incl. tax
From د.إ 8,348 incl. tax
From د.إ 4,988 incl. tax

Multifunctional Tables

V : Meeting Table (Round)

From د.إ 2,625 incl. tax
From د.إ 5,723 incl. tax

Modern Meeting and Conference Tables

Experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with our exquisite range of meeting tables and conference tables in Dubai. Elevate your office space with a statement piece that exudes sophistication and fosters collaboration. Each meeting table and conference table in our collection is meticulously crafted to perfection, combining timeless design with modern functionality. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist look or a bold and contemporary style, we have a table that will complement your office aesthetic flawlessly.

Our tables are more than just furniture; they are masterpieces that inspire creativity and encourage productive discussions. Crafted from premium materials, they are built to withstand the demands of daily use, ensuring durability and longevity for years to come. With thoughtful features like integrated cable management systems and convenient power outlets, our tables effortlessly accommodate the technological needs of today’s dynamic work environment. No more tangled wires or limitations in connectivity – our tables offer a seamless and efficient solution.

We believe that buying a meeting table or conference table should be a delightful experience. Our user-friendly website allows you to explore our extensive collection with ease, providing you with an immersive virtual showroom. Simply select the table that resonates with your vision, and our dedicated team will ensure seamless delivery to your doorstep. Step into the realm of sophistication and professionalism with our extraordinary meeting tables and conference tables. Make a statement that reflects your commitment to excellence and leaves a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike. Explore our exclusive range of meeting tables and conference tables in Dubai, and let your office space be a testament to style, functionality, and success.

The meeting and conference room is expected to be a large space in every office. At this place, many training, presentations, and conferences are conducted. In the meeting room, you meet important clients, business partners, and inverters. So the meeting place should be elegant and sophisticated. The overcome will be extraordinary, for all of this you need a stunning meeting and conference table. OfficeMaster offers the best Modern Meeting and Conference Tables in Dubai.

Our meeting tables are effective and collaborative in the meeting room. The unique design increases its sophistication. These meetings and conference tables make a huge impression on your meetings. The reason is simple. We deliver durable finished products, according to our customer’s needs and requirements. We have a series collections of meeting tables in which Bella, Curva, Diamond, Discussion Desk in Drum Leg – Round, Discussion Desk in Drum Leg – Square, Discussion Desk in Wooden Leg – Round, Discussion Desk in Wooden Leg – Square, Fortuna Modern Design, Glazz Series, Kalista, Linea, Orianna, Schon, Sylas, Telaio Modern Design Meeting Table, Unico Modern Design Meeting Table, V-Series.

Buy Modern Meeting Tables and Modern Conference Tables in Dubai

Upgrade your workspace with a modern meeting table in Dubai. Find the perfect fit for your office, whether you need a large conference table or a small meeting table. Choose from a range of stylish designs and high-quality materials to create a professional environment that inspires productivity and collaboration. Attract clients and make a great impression with a sleek and modern meeting table that showcases your business’s professionalism. Shop now to find the best deals on modern meeting tables in Dubai.

If you want to Buy a Modern Office Meeting Table in Dubai then please visit our display cent in Al-Quoz, Dubai for further variety. Officemaster has the Best Office Furniture in Dubai.